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[so I was just writing a daft sentence RP where Nick injured his hand with a knitting needle and it's all bandaged up and then I thought about how it would have to be his dominant hand and so he finds mundane things like cooking and opening water bottles tricky. And then I could just see Truck helping him out without a word and it made me melt a little inside.]

*happy sigh*

He totally would. Whether they’re together yet or not, Ozone wouldn’t even have to ask for help—Truck would just be there, like he knows when he’ll be needed. He like being useful, especially to his friends. And he really likes how after a day or two, Ozone just hands him things like jars without a word, trusting that Truck wants to help. It becomes natural for them to work as a pair, and it makes Truck feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy.

And if they are together, he’s going to use it as an excuse for the most butterfly-inducing little touches. Brushing his fingers over Nick’s when he hands him things, standing behind him with his arms around him and his chin on his shoulder to help him stir something (even though it would be more efficient to just take the bowl and do it himself), carrying Nick’s laundry basket for him while Nick walks next to him, an arm around his waist.

Taking his bandaged hand and kissing it gently, looking up at Nick’s face and loving the way he blushes when Truck gets all chivalrous.

Hey, looks like I won’t be able to liveblog tonight. Sorry. Will be avoiding my dash ‘til I watch the episode, hopefully tomorrow.


30 Days of Legend of the Seeker: Day 01 - Favorite Season 1 Episode Denna
Pain is the one experience common to every living thing. It unites us.


But imagine an episode from Hannah’s perspective.

Show me Castiel, the rebel, the leader and hero, brought down by his love of humanity. His tumultuous journey to this point as viewed by someone who is mostly an outsider. Why she follows him: how an angel of The Lord decides to rebel. How love and death and failing grace affect her devotion.

Give me the Winchesters, not as heroes but as a constant spanner in the works. Stopping the apocalypse (what? How?!? What was that like from her perspective?) As a distraction to the angel she would see leading heaven. As chaos and weakness. Maybe she comes to see them more from Castiel’s perspective by the end of the episode, able to better connect with them and him through experiencing some kind of grace failure/humanity herself.

Give me Hannah’s story. What was life like for her before the Fall? What cause did she choose to serve? How did she decide what to do after the Fall? What is her vision for the future?

Rip the angelic story line wide open. Give me Hannah.


Relationship RP is difficult because on the one hand you want to take things slow and put in all the romcom tropes and the slow buildup.

But then on the other hand you want to grab a barbie doll in each hand and smash their faces together.

People always make Juliet out to be dumb in Romeo and Juliet, but I think she at least had some sense where Romeo didn't have much of any

Romeo: I was thinking about this chick earlier who I said I was in love with but now I love that girl over there that is very likely to either belong to my family's enemy or be close with my family's enemy as it is their party I am crashing
Juliet: I do not like being so young and forced into a relationship with an older man, but oh there's a cute guy more my age over there. And since he's here he must have been invited and is there for a reasonable love match for myself
Romeo: We should kiss right now at this party
Juliet: No that is a super dumb idea
Romeo: *kisses her anyway*
Juliet: That was dumb of you
Romeo: We should get married right now
Juliet: We don't know each other. Shouldn't we wait until at least a little time has passed?
Romeo: Like tomorrow?
Juliet: Sure, fine.
Juliet: We're married now, so we have to try and make things better between our families.
Romeo: Right.
Romeo: It seems I have killed your cousin and am now exiled.
Juliet: Ok so since Romeo fucked up I'm gonna fix this shit by taking a harmless sleeping liquid. He'll come and get me and we can go away together.
Romeo: *immediately kills himself*
Juliet: For fucks sake.


My favorite



 this shirt was so special i’m so glad they put him in it it’s such a Boyfriend shirt like if you picture your dream boyfriend he probably looks just like anthony mackie right and if you picture your dream boyfriend’s wardrobe it has a SUPREMELY gentle blue-ish plaid button down shirt in it the geometry of which is kind and sweet it’s a good picnic shirt it’s a good matinee date and then lunch somewhere breezy shirt it’s a good shirt to meet your parents in it’s a good shirt to ride around on vespas in italy in it’s a good shirt to borrow from him when you have to go pick up your MUTUAL dog whose name is pappy from the veterinarian’s office it’s the perfect shirt to wrap around the extra pillow when he’s gone for the week & you miss him a lot SO WHAT I’M SAYING IS this is a really good Boyfriend Shirt for a really good Boyfriend Sceneand the costume department knew exactly what they were doing because that shirt is Boyfriend Material AND SO IS SAM WILSON (killerville)


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