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the sam winchester meme ★ [3/4] quotes
↪ “Look, I’m not saying it’s fun. I mean, to be honest with you, I kind of see it as the best-case scenario. I mean, at least all my crazy’s under one umbrella, you know? I kind of know what I’m dealing with. A lot of people got it worse.” (7x09)

I want to ____ you- Fuck you up against a wall until you can't walk. Of course, if you're not into that we can cuddle while watching spn episodes with chocolate and popcorn

WELL HELLO FRIEND *fans self* I like both of these ideas very much.


(I want to ____ you: fill in the blank in my ask)

I want to _____ you.


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Gina Torres explains why she wants no parts of social media.

Age of Ultron concept art poster from SDCC

"aww, robots."

Also I don't know how you feel about pet play, but Ben and Julia and pet play is my new favorite thing. Not just in a sexy way, but also in the way he would sit at her feet while she works and she'd absently pet him and he'd love it. And loves taking orders from her. And she calls him Puppy. And it's almost a relief the she doesn't expect him to respond in words when they're playing.

Pet play doesn’t really do anything for me, but the relief he feels at not having to talk gives me lots of feelings about Ben’s childhood and how saying the wrong thing meant getting hurt or getting somebody else hurt, so he learned it was safer not to talk. And that makes me super sad, so thanks for that.

Dude but lets also talk about Ben wearing a vibrator and whoever has the controls just randomly turning it on and basically making Ben's life around base very hard. heh heh heh. And of course he'd be so needy by the time he has time to actually be with the person. :)

This is the WORST THING ohmygod. And depending on who’s controlling it, it could go so differently. Like Julia just leaving it on, pushing him closer and closer to the edge, then stopping out of spite just when he thinks he’s going to get to come. She might eventually make him come in his pants just for the hell of it. Or Toad getting a kick out of turning it on unexpectedly to startle Ben when he knows he’s around other people and has to control his reaction. And I bet Hawk would turn it on just long enough to remind him of it, just long enough to get him thinking about her, then turn it back off again, and she’d do that all fucking day because she loves the way he manhandles her when she gets him desperate. Wes would probably only turn it on when they’re together, because he wants to see Ben’s face when he does it he’s suck a fucking romantic I hate him. Yuri would be very methodical. He might tell Ben something he can or can’t do during the day, then use the vibrator as a reward or punishment.

Basically I’m just imagining everybody taking turns with the remote for like a week until Ben is a complete wreck and hates them all more than ever :-D