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Happy Easter to those who celebrate! May your eggs be fully boiled (that was a fun year), and may your chocolate be the good stuff, not the chalky, off-brand kind.

littleshinikami replied to your post “Choose: Natasha Romanoff or Sam Wilson.”

yes good i love this.

Thank you!

ps. I’ve decided I really love your new icon, because when you’re my biggest fan on my activity page, it looks like Bucky is shooting my other fans. Like, “NO SHE BELONGS TO ME I WILL KILL ANYONE WHO TRIES TO TAKE HER FROM ME.” It’s heartwarming in a disturbing kinda way.


Hello sweetie pies! To celebrate 5k I’m doing my very first tumblr awards!

  • Must be following this pie lover yep, I’m gonna check
  • Reblog this post, you can like it to save it, but likes aren’t an entry
  • Must get at least 75 notes
  • Open until April 30
  • Must post only mostly Supernatural
  • 1 winner and 2 runner ups for each category
  • Pumpkin Pie Award - Best URL
  • Cherry Pie Award - Best Theme
  • Pecan Pie Award - Best Icon
  • Key Lime Pie Award - Best Original Graphics
  • Blueberry Pie Award - Best Writing (ficlets, drabbles, etc)
  • Key Lime Pie Award - Best Original Artwork
  • Apple Pie Award - Best Overall
  • P.S. - It’s not required, but it would be totally awesome if you tagged what category (or categories) you want to be considered for (and you’ll probably increase your chance of winning in that category—just sayin’.)
What you'll win:
  • A graphic announcing winners and runner ups
  • Winners and runners up of each category will get a group promo +5k
  • Best overall winner gets a place in my updates tab for the entire month
  • And an original piece of art (character of your choosing)
  • All winners will get a follow back from me
  • As well as my love and friendship

Good luck! And please message if you have any questions!

"Choose: Natasha Romanoff or Sam Wilson."

[Okay, I’ve seen the movie now, and I still can’t decide whom I like better, so you’re getting a fic with both of them. My game, my rules.]

It’s been a while, Natasha thinks, watching from the roof of Stark Tower as the figure in the distance does a few cartwheels and flashy dives. Good to know he hasn’t changed all that much. She wonders if Tony will love or hate the guy and decides it’ll probably come down to how many modifications Sam’ll let him make to the wings. She crosses her arms and waits for the show-off to land, which he does, albeit a little too quickly and with a slight stumble. They’re so cute when they’re trying to impress you.

"Miss Romanoff, what a lovely surprise," he greets her with a flick of his wings and a slight bow that is entirely too charming to be believable.

"Sam. I thought Steve told you I’d be meeting you?"

"Well, I must have forgotten." Sure you did. "Still nice to see you," he adds, with a different smile this time, a softer one. His wings retract as they turn together to go inside.

"You, too. I think you’re going to like it here. Everybody’s…" she can’t quite find the word she wants. He glances over at her with a grin, and she can’t help smiling back. "…let’s go with friendly."

"I’m glad. Really glad. I remember when you and Cap showed up at my door and said everyone you knew was trying to kill you." So do I. "It’s nice to see you’ve got people again. Who aren’t trying to kill you.”

He holds the door for her as they go in but stops just inside, and she stops, too, turning to look at him.

"Gotta say, I didn’t mind being your one and only for a while. Well, yours and Cap’s. But you know what I mean, right?"

"Yeah, I do." He’s a straightforward guy, and it only makes her like him more, but the things she’d like to do to him in bed and the things he’d like to give her in a relationship are very, very different. "Sam, you should know, I don’t really do…"

"I know, Steve said. Hearts and flowers aren’t your thing, that’s cool. Just wanted you to know."

She thinks about it for a moment. “Okay. Thanks.” Somehow that seems inadequate, though, after everything. “You’re a good one, Wilson. Almost make me wish I was a hearts and flowers kinda girl.”

She can tell by his eyes, the way he closes them for a second as he nods, that this is a disappointment he expected, but he’s too good a person to let it bother him for long, and soon he’s joking again as they head downstairs. She thinks they’re done with the subject, until he stops her one more time at the foot of the stairs, before they go into the living room where everyone’s waiting to greet the new arrival.

"By the way," he says quietly, placing a hand on her side. Brave, she thinks. “I’m not a strictly hearts and flowers guy, myself. Just so you know.”

"Oh, really?" She tries to look incredulous, but his tone is sincere, and it’s making her wonder…

"Really." They can hear a voice approaching on the other side of the door see what’s keeping them I gotta get my hands on those wings… Just as Tony pulls the door open, Sam drops his hand and gives her a wide smile. “I look forward to working with you, Agent Romanoff.”

Well, she thinks, watching Tony trying to shake Sam’s hand and unbuckle the wing harness at the same time, that’s going to be interesting.


will my dash please join me in praying to the marvel gods that we get anthony mackie doing commentary on the winter solider dvd

littleshinikami replied to your post “littleshinikami replied to your post:littleshinikami replied to your…”

Ah yeah that makes sense. Okay I’ll see what I can do. (i do also have two toarcher fics for you that i started but have been too busy/lazy/unmotivated to write. but i s2g i will get them finished some day)

Yay! I look forward to someday :-)

special tag yay! is there anything in particular you want? like fandom, pairing, fic with you in it, fluff, smut, w/e?

Oh, anything would be awesome. I really hate to tell anybody what to write, because I know it can be hard to write something that you’re not really feeling, you know?